Thoughts From a College Senior Approaching Graduation: Part 2

T-54 Days until the Big Day (June 12, 2016).

The ever-present question: “So, what are you doing after graduation?”

At the forefront of my mind these days is the great Job Search. In the past couple months, I’ve filled out more online applications and written more cover letters than I can count. I obsess over every detail of my resume and online portfolio. Is it good enough? Will it get me hired?

A few of my friends already have their plans all lined up, and that makes me all the more anxious.  It gets incredibly nerve-wracking not having solid plans yet, and I’m pulling out my hair trying.  There are times when I lose it and break down and just want to scream, “but I did everything I was supposed to. I’ve done the fancy internship thing, I’ve done the ‘social media work for non-profit’ thing, why don’t I have an offer yet?”

All I can say is, heaven help me if I ever go back to retail. I’m sure my panic will increase in the coming weeks, and for this I sincerely apologize.

Here’s hoping.


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