Shows You Should Be Watching: Greek


This should probably say “shows you should have already watched,” since Greek ran on Freeform (then known as ABC Family) from 2007-2011. As I happily discovered several weeks ago, all episodes are available for FREE on!

Greek is perhaps the greatest unsung classic of the late 00’s. Set at the fictional Cyprus-Rhodes University, Greek follows the trials and tribulations of several students in the collegiate Greek system as they navigate the many pitfalls of college life. While easy to pass off as another teen drama, those who have actually watched it all the way through know that it is far, far more.

It’s actually very socially progressive- and never got any credit.

While many more recent shows have been touted for either emulating or failing social justice standards in their casting and content, Greek took on issues of diversity, sexism, and homophobia- and handled them better than any television series I have ever seen. The first episode aired almost a decade ago, making their open-mindedness even more shocking- yet even the most vocal social justice blogger seems unaware.

They had multiple PoC in their main cast, none of whom were ever remotely stereotyped. One of the main characters, Calvin Owens, was also gay, but unlike the common trope, he was never defined by his sexuality. In the first season alone, Calvin openly said “being gay isn’t the most interesting thing about me,” and “why does everything have about being gay, when you’re gay?” He did experience instances of homophobia from others, but never any drawn-out sob story clearly thrown in for dramatic effect (*cough* Glee *cough*).  However, he still got just as many romantic storylines as his straight counterparts.

The show also focused on other social issues, such as slut-shaming and double standards.

It acknowledges that college is hard, but leaving is harder.

In the third season, four members of the main cast are faced with the biggest terror of all: graduation. They don’t all walk out and land their dream jobs, or even all graduate on time. Since the show ran from 2007-2011, the economic recession was at its worst, and the show didn’t shy away from that fact. They struggled and fought and many veered from their initial plans. It’s an ugly truth most people don’t like to talk about.

It features the absolute goddess that is Dilshad Vadsaria.


Moments like this.

And this.

And this.

And this.

And this.

And this.






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