Shows You Should Be Watching: Bob’s Burgers


What started out as a modest animation about an under-achieving family struggling to get their greasy spoon off the ground has turned to an Internet favorite that takes everything we thought we knew about “adult” animated comedy and poured ketchup all over it. Meet FX’s Bob’s Burgers, starring the charmingly downtrodden Belcher clan. Voted the best family on TV, see why they may have changed the face of a genre.

  1. It doesn’t follow the normal comedic formula associated with “adult” cartoons.


    Unlike most adult animation (looking your way, Seth McFarlane), Bob’s Burgers doesn’t rely on crude humor to make jokes. In a genre where shows such as Family Guy to South Park made unabashedly offensive humor their personal trademark, it’s easy to think that adult animation has to be wildly crass in order to succeed. However,  Bob’s Burgers has managed to steer clear and maintain more light-hearted humor- and it’s more compelling because of it. While I’m a diehard fan of Archer, I can’t argue that there’s something refreshing about a show that doesn’t seem to be trying to bother anybody.

  2. Bob Belcher.


    Our intrepid patriarch is the working class everyman. While luck is something the Belchers have in short supply, Bob’s quest for culinary success is unwavering. One thing he’s exceptionally clear about: the restaurant succeeds on his terms, or not at all.

  3. Linda Belcher #MomGoals


    Linda is possibly the best mother on TV. Hailed as a feminist icon, Linda is always ready with a glass of wine, an impromptu song, and endless support for her off-beat kids to be exactly who they are. She encourages Bob’s restaurant dreams, applauds her kids’ bizarre interests, and is the undeniable heart and soul of the show.

  4.  Tina Belcher, aka “The hero we all deserve.”

    The Belcher’s pubescent powerhouse has also been universally declared a feminist icon for a number of reasons. A hero for nerd girls everywhere, Tina doesn’t feel the need to get a makeover or adhere to the social expectations for girls and women, despite her impressionable age. She’s not shy about sharing her interests (horses, zombies, and boy bands), no matter how bizarre. What ultimately sets her apart from the crowd of tween heroines is her unabashed expression of sexual urges– something generally left out of prior portrayals of female puberty. While the show itself never objectifies Tina because she is a child, she frequently expresses her desire to “touch butts” and writes “erotic friend fiction” as a way of expressing her feelings towards boys, particularly classmate (and son of her father’s biggest rival) Jimmy Pesto, Jr. 
  5. Gene Belcher


    Gene is the most confident 11-year-old on the planet. He doesn’t conform to traditional masculinity standards occasionally refers to himself as female and is never told to “man up;” the family seems to take it in stride.

  6. Louise Belcher

    Louise is a nine-year-old criminal mastermind. Like Tina, she appears utterly unconcerned with societal expectations for girls. Rarely seen without her trademark rabbit ears hat, Louise is always armed with a scheme and some sarcasm.

  7. It sends important messages without being preachy.


  8. The most realistic portrayal of puberty, ever.



  9. The most realistic portrayal of having a crush, ever.



  10. Bob and Linda are #RelationshipGoals


  11. Moments like this.


  12. And this.


  13. And this.


  14. And this.

  15. And this.


Don’t trust my word? Seasons 1-5 are on Netflix now.




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