Six Months Postgrad In Review: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly:


This Saturday marks six months since I packed up and moved to Los Angeles, four days after graduating from college. Since then, I feel like I’ve been run through a windmill. I’ve lost and gained more than I can begin to explain, and come face to face with some pretty harsh realities.

Also, what the hell, might as well give a more personal life update.

(Literally no one cares, Quinn. You’re talking to no one.)

The Good:

I’ve heard that the key to any big city is finding a specific area/borough/district and making it home. In Los Angeles, that rule is especially important because of a little phenomenon I’ve dubbed “Super Demon Hell Traffic.” For me, I guess the area I’ve settled into is West LA. I moved out of the Westwood sublet I first lived in a few months back, and now rent a room a couple miles away. I’m close to Santa Monica and Venice (my favorite places so far) but far enough from any major tourist spots. The West side is finally starting to feel like home, and I’m starting to feel like I belong. I’d like to drive around and explore a bit more, but a) gas costs money, and b) see the aforementioned traffic.

The Bad:

Allow me to deliver a dose of brutal honesty: moving to a new city where you don’t know anyone can be incredibly lonely. I know two people that I went to college with, both of whom are also busy adults with full-time jobs and responsibilities, but I’ve only really become close with one new person since coming here. As an introvert with a fairly independent nature (read: I was the weird kid in your third-grade class you didn’t want to invite to the birthday party), I’ve always enjoyed a certain amount of solitude, but never to this extent. There have definitely been days where I feel hopelessly alone and get into a funk.  


The Ugly:

Despite the fact that no one reads my blog, I feel that in the name of professionalism, I should refrain from discussing my current job situation on here. The short version of it is: taking a job just to pay the bills while you figure out what you actually want can backfire if said job doesn’t make you happy. An office with no windows is incredibly isolating, and can make it really hard to get out of bed in the mornings. As a rule of thumb, avoid offices located in warehouses.

Also, I completely took the prolonged breaks I got as a student for granted. Enjoy those 3-4 weeks of winter break, because in the real world, you’re lucky to get two days off for the holidays.

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