Well, Shit.

rs-trump-f5d6032b-a96e-4583-9689-56770f5c67a5photo source: ://www.rollingstone.com/politics/features/the-official-donald-trump-inauguration-drinking-game-w461859

Pardon my French with the title, but I feel that’s the only way to truly capture the nation’s spirit right now.

At first, this morning began like any other. I woke up, fumbled blindly in the dark for my phone, and sleepily scrolled through social media. That’s when I remembered- today was the dreaded day.

Today is the day that America inaugurates that racist, sexist, utterly unqualified, climate change-denier.

Today is the day that America lets a man with undeniable ties to Russia, who openly admitted to sexual assault on camera, who believes women should be punished for daring to exercise the rights to their own family planning, stand before the nation and declare himself our leader.

Today is a very dark day in our nation’s history.

During Barack Obama’s inauguration in 2009, I was 14 years old. I remember being one of the lucky ninth-grade classes who got to go to the auditorium to watch the inaugural ceremony streamed through the projector. It was a pivotal moment in history. I remember watching in awe as he took the oath and thinking, “now we won’t have bad people for president anymore.” A naive and childish thought, true, but was it so wild to believe that our country wouldn’t spend today inaugurating someone like Donald Trump?

One question, America: how the actual hell did we get from electing our first African-American president, who is leaving office after an incredibly successful 8 years with one of the highest approval ratings of any outgoing president in history to allowing a reality TV star who personifies corporate greed to take his place?

Hell, it’s only been a few hours and all references to climate change have been deleted from the White House website.

As John Pavlovitz said on his website“Let the record show that I did not consent to this. Let it show that I did not vote for this man, that he did not represent me, that I did not believe he was deserving of being here, that I grieved his ascension. Let History record my objection to him, to the ways he humiliated women and vilified Muslims and threatened protestors and disregarded people of color.”

As I frantically search the Internet for some sign that it didn’t happen, that some deus ex machina stepped in and saved the day in the form of a law or clause, one thing is as blatantly obvious as it has been since the election: people are angry. People, myself included, are absolutely livid that this is who the electoral college chose.

This is not normal. Donald Trump is not a normal president. We will not roll over and accept him as our leader. The nation is shaken irrevocably to its core, and those his administration promises to oppress (i.e., anyone who isn’t an able-bodied heterosexual white male) will not be silent.

So no, I won’t accept him as my president, like so many are urging us to do. I WILL stay angry. I won’t let my own ideals be set back 50 years.

Let your anger make you productive. Channel your anger into protests. Channel your anger into creating resources for those this new administration promises to oppress. If they’re going to deny climate change, cut meat and dairy from your diet due to animal agriculture being the biggest cause. Let this anger only fuel the fire.

May the sheer backlash against the Trump administration raise the fiercest generation of women, People of Color, LGBTQ+ individuals, and other minorities this country has ever seen.

This isn’t over. We’re still here, and we’re still angry.



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